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Melissa Baumann Siebert

Journalist - Writer - Editor - Teacher/Trainer

"Melissa Siebert's contributions helped elevate Wild magazine to award-winning status."

Joan Kruger / Director, TIP Publishing / Cape Town

"She has a nuanced grasp of narrative and characterisation, and an extraordinary eye for detail."

Meg Rickards / Writer, Director, Boondogle Films / Cape Town

"She’s a consummate professional, never missing a deadline and keen to give her clients what they ask for, even exceeding expectations."

Eleanor Muller / TFPD Marketing Manager / Cape Town

"I have worked intensely with Melissa Siebert. Melissa is highly gifted and writes like a dream. Additionally, she is an excellent editor."

Melinda Ferguson / Author & Publisher, Melinda Ferguson Books / Cape Town 

"Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned hand, if you’re looking for an inspiring, talented, compassionate and insightful guide through the writing process, look no further."

Andre Wiesner / Writer, Editor, Publication Developer / Cape Town

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